Delivering easy access to your secure passwords on multiple platforms.

Secure your passwords

The use of Password Tote allows you to secure your passwords, as well as ensure they are secure-to-use passwords. They will then be accessible from all your other computers and mobile devices.

It's not very easy to remember really secure passwords, but Password Tote will assist in storing these secure passwords and you will only need to remember one password to access all the others. The passwords are right at your finger tips. Never lose that important username again because of a forgotten password for a service. There are a number of other advantages.

You can import passwords from Keepass, 1Password, or LastPass if you are using one of them.

  • Redeem Claim Code
  • Store all your passwords in a secure environment
  • Access your passwords from anywhere with auto sync
  • Browser extension support - form fill, etc.
  • Strong password generator to assist with security
  • Multi-factor authentication and much more...