Service Features

  • Multi-platform secure password access

    Offering a number of software clients to store and retrieve your passwords. From desktop to mobile we have it covered. Even within your favorite browser for instant access to your passwords.

  • Securely store password details and related data

    Password Tote utilizes advanced security techniques to keep your information for your eyes only. You can store other things such as account numbers, pins, software keys and more.

  • Automatic sync

    Your passwords will automatically be in sync on all your devices, so you can securely access your passwords from anywhere.

  • Password sharing

    You can share your passwords with friends, family and co-workers when they may need access to one or more of your accounts. You can set specific permissions on the share so that users shared passwords can remain in Sync or be defined as Read Only so they cannot edit the password, but are able to read it.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    Utilizing a YubiKey, you are able to secure your account with an additional step in authentication.

  • Security questions

    Many of todays services require security questions when performing certain actions involving your account. Password Tote supports storing the question and answer for multiple questions per password.

  • Password generator

    Generate secure passwords with an included password generator feature. Security ratings indicated for each password to ensure they are strong. It is very important to use secure passwords.

  • Password expiration

    Set expiration dates on your passwords to track their expiration, as well as for other uses.

  • Categorization and filtering

    Support for categories so you can organize your passwords. You can create as many categories as you need, which can quickly be filtered through.

  • Backup and restore

    Backup and Restore process to ensure you always have an extra backup in case of data loss or another emergency that could potentially ruin your chance of recovery.

  • Secure notes

    Store notes relating to each password, such as confirmation numbers on orders, withdrawal history, car maintenance records, additional IP addresses and everything else.

  • Tagging support

    You can tag your passwords with any words you want so you can quickly locate them later.