We utilize certain security concepts to ensure that the Password Tote system is fully secure. Beyond using a secure socket layer, we have taken steps while designing the system, so that your passwords could not be accessed even if someone gained physical access to the computers they are stored on. Not even the Password Tote staff knows your password and cannot gain access to your password list.

Password Tote utilizes the latest industry strength encryption routines to secure your data. The key to decrypt your secure data is never stored on our servers. This enables us to remain confident that your passwords are completely safe from attackers.

Additionally, a YubiKey can be used to add two-factor authentication to your Password Tote account for additional security.

We highly recommend you use a high strength password for your Password Tote login password, so that potential attackers can not guess your password. A simple way to remember a more lengthy password, is to make it a phrase that you will remember such as "on the water we go Today for 6 minutes", additionally remembering that the "T" in "Today" is capitalized. If the service doesn't allow you to use spaces in your password, then just type the phrase in without the spaces between each word.