Yubico YubiKey

What is a YubiKey?

A YubiKey is a device that allows you to provide an additional secure password to login to Password Tote and other services that support the YubiKey. This type of security measure is commonly referred to as two factor authentication.

The YubiKey is a hardware authentication token that looks like a small USB memory stick, but it is actually a keyboard. And because USB keyboards are standard on all computers the YubiKey works on all platforms and browsers without the need for client software.

What benefits are there when using a YubiKey?

Even if a potential attacker accessed your username and password for Password Tote, with a YubiKey enabled, the attacker would also need your YubiKey to login. The YubiKey ensures that only you, in the flesh, are logging in.

How does it work?

Upon plugging your YubiKey into a USB port, when asked for a YubiKey one time password (OTP), you press the button on the YubiKey and you will be logged in instantly.

Where can I get a YubiKey?

To order a YubiKey, please visit Yubico's web store.

I own a YubiKey, now what?

To enable the YubiKey for use with your Password Tote account, please choose "Manage YubiKeys" on the account page. Once enabled, the next time you login to Password Tote, you will be prompted for a YubiKey OTP in addition to your username and password.

Is a YubiKey required?

It is not required to use a YubiKey on your Password Tote account. It is completely optional. A YubiKey can be used with any version of Password Tote, whether it is the free or premium offering.

For more information on the YubiKey, please visit the manufacturers website at Yubico

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